The Musée du Louvre will remain closed to the public until June 7, 2016.

June 3rd, 2016 18 p.m.

The level of the River Seine has exceeded today the 6-meter mark. In accordance with its Flood Risk Prevention Plan (PPRI) the Musée du Louvre will remain closed until June 7, 2016 to ensure the protection of the works located in flood zones.

The emergency response team of the Louvre continues to assess the fluctuations of the Seine in real time.

Established in 2002 on the recommendation of the police department, the Louvre’s Flood Risk Prevention Plan consists in:
- setting up a Risk Prevention Emergency Response protocol
- daily monitoring of the Seine water level and its fluctuations by the Paris Fire Department
- special records made of all works that are to be moved to upper floors
- regular emergency drills with staff member involved in operations
- installation of systems to pump out and slow the spread of water
- plans for the relocation of the museum’s reserve collections to Liévin

According to this plan, the emergency response protocol is to be implemented when the level of the river reaches the 31 NGF mark (5.08 meters), and 72 hours before the water gets into the museum.  As soon as this level was reached yesterday morning, the Louvre decided to  close to the public in order to safeguarding the works exposed to flooding risk, which were moved to the upper floors.


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