The Studio, a new learning and discovery center, opening soon at the Louvre

Septembre 2021
September 2021 will see the inauguration of the Louvre Studio, a brand new 1,150-square-metre space for families, school groups, disabled or disadvantaged visitors and the people accompanying them. Its activities will be designed to offer these visitors a different kind of museum experience and encourage their discovery of the artworks. The new rooms, designed with current educational practices in mind, will be located on Level -1 of the Richelieu wing, near the Petite Galerie and permanent collections.

At the heart of the museum
The Studio is the second part of a two-stage project focused on art and cultural education and launched with the inauguration of the Petite Galerie in October 2015. It will house all the museum’s workshops and training sessions and provide new outreach activities, and will triple the surface area currently dedicated to these activities. The Petite Galerie and the Studio, directly accessible from the Pyramid, put art-related activities at the very heart of the Louvre and its collections.
“From Delacroix to JR, the Louvre has always been a place of creation for artists,” says Jean-Luc Martinez, President-Director of the Musée du Louvre. “I am delighted that the museum is placing social and education projects at the core of its priorities.”



The Studio layout

The architects of the h2o (Paris) agency designed a modern, accessible space befitting today’s cultural outreach activities. Located opposite the Petite Galerie, the Studio will have a Forum, eight activity rooms for workshops and training sessions, and an amenities area designed with families in mind (restrooms, babychanging areas, relaxation areas, etc.). In the Forum, visitors will be able to enjoy free activities with no booking required (drawing, games, reading, etc.) or watch demonstrations of art techniques. The workshops and training sessions in the other rooms will be reservation-only.
Events organized with the museum’s partners (local and regional authorities, education authorities and schools, social centers, hospitals, etc.), held throughout the year, will include various get-togethers and project feedback sessions featuring exhibitions of the participants’ work.
Outside lockdown periods, 40,000 people take part in the Louvre’s workshops and 4,400 professionals are trained every year.

A wide range of year-round activities will be on offer, all including time spent in the presence of the artworks in the museum galleries.
The workshops will be designed to develop awareness of the permanent collections and programmed to coincide with the museum’s events calendar (events in the Petite Galerie, exhibitions, auditorium programme, publications, contemporary guest artists, cultural seasons), national events organized by the Ministry of Culture, and annual spotlights on specific visitor categories (Le Printemps du Louvre, Accessibility Week, Volunteers’ Day, etc.).
Visitors will be able to choose from a wide range of Wednesday and weekend activities, training sessions, and masterclasses with artists and experts. Geared to the discovery of visual art techniques, these various activities will be intended to help visitors:
   – appreciate the collections for themselves
   – see them in a new light
   – develop their own creativity and imagination.
The workshops will explore art techniques directly related to the museum collections (with a focus on painting, sculpture and drawing), introduce art- and museum-related professions, and consider the museum’s artworks from different perspectives: photography, contemporary visual techniques such as silkscreen printing and pop-ups, puppetry, theater, music, dance, yoga, philosophy, epigraphy, etc.

Training courses
Teachers and professionals or volunteers in the social, healthcare and accessibility sectors: the Louvre is an accredited training organization that can provide group leaders with tools for understanding the museum and its collections and help them custom-design visits according to their project and the profile of the groups in their charge. 
Interdisciplinary training courses prioritize shared experiences. They present the works in a new light, and develop or supplement participants’ knowledge of art history and their cultural outreach and project management skills.
The museum also proposes original approaches that emphasize public speaking, physical expression, the development of creativity and critical ability, game-playing and multi-sensory approaches to artworks and practices.
In the warm and friendly environment of the Studio, with tools adapted to modern teaching techniques, these progressive modular courses will allow participants to design their own training programs according to their objectives. Distance learning and extramural activities will also help participants prepare or follow up their museum visits.


The Studio is made possible through a generous grant from American Friends of the Louvre.

The sanitary equipment was made possible thanks to the patronage of TOTO.


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