March 18, 2020

What activities does the Louvre offer that can be enjoyed from home?


What activities does the Louvre offer that can be enjoyed from home?

There are many Louvre resources available online that can be enjoyed by all the family: cartoons, videos, podcasts, and more.
Go to or see what is happening on social media under the hashtags #LouvreChezVous et #MuseumFromHome

The Louvre masterpieces and palace

Check the Louvre’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for presentations of some of the greatest artworks and rooms in the museum (in French and English):

Instagram: #LouvreHistory on Wednesdays and #LouvreDetails on Fridays
Facebook: artwork of the week on Sundays

Twitter: #WorkOfTheDay in French at 7:30 a.m. and in English at 7 p.m. everyday

You can also find information on selected works at

The ‘One minute in a museum’ children’s cartoon series explores some of the museum’s best-known works and is available on the Louvre’s YouTube channel (in French, English and Japanese):

A closer look at the Mona Lisa
Focus on the iconic artwork to understand what makes it unique (in French, English and Japanese)
If you have a VR headset, download the ‘Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass’ virtual reality experience to get up close and personal with this fascinating icon (in French, English, Spanish and Chinese):

For those who do not have a VR headset, a mobile version is also available (in French, English, Spanish and Chinese):

➡  App Store:

➡  Google Play Store:


‘Advent of the Artist’ exhibition in the Petite Galerie
Visit the exhibition virtually and enjoy portraits by the likes of Dürer, Rembrandt and Delacroix: